Patient Resources


We accept most insurance plans and accept payments from many PPO and indemnity dental plans.  Our dental team is happy to partner with you to make the most out of your dental insurance benefits.  Dr. Wahl’s patients greatly appreciate how Jenny consistently uses her knowledge and her expertise to make sure you and your family capitalize on benefits.  Jenny’s careful attention to details minimizes dental expenses through pre-approvals and the carefully scheduling of preventative and restorative dental procedures. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our office to discuss your benefits with Jenny.  You can be confident that she will answer any questions, investigate details to capitalize on your coverage, and make every effort to meet your dental needs while fulfilling any requirements outlined by your policy.  Additionally, confirming Dr. Dean Wahl’s status your provider’s website is always beneficial.  Insurance companies can make swift changes to their benefits and preferred providers. 

Presently, we are in network with: