Emergency Care

As a family dental practice, we specialize in providing you with the confidence that your dental emergency needs can be met efficiently and in a timely manner to minimize discomfort and inconvenience.
In the event of a dental emergency, please contact our office.  920-887-1432
Every effort will be made to provide answers to your questions, arrange for dental care, and provide you with comfort and care that puts your mind at ease.
We welcome the following:
• New dental patient walk-ins
• Last minute appointments
• Same day and next day dental appointments
• Emergency appointments that may be outside of our typical office hours

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Wahl. 920-887-1432
Please be prepared to share any pertinent medical information as well as any prescription allergies for yourself or the family member needing dental assistance.

 It is helpful to know the name and location of your preferred pharmacy.

Common dental emergencies that may require immediate treatment or attention:
• A Broken Tooth – At times, a large filling may break or fall out.
• Acute Pulpitis – The pulp inside the tooth become inflamed due to trauma or tooth decay. This is often aggravated by changes in temperature.
• Tooth Abscess – An infection in a tooth’s root can cause intermittent pain which may be accompanied by swelling and in some cases a loose tooth.

 Medications can temporarily reduce the pain and prepare the tooth for eminent treatment. Dental treatment is often required after the pain and swelling subside.
• Gum Abscess – Food that is caught between a tooth and the gumline can result in a painful and aggravating infection. Gums that are swollen and bleeding may be infected.